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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> obviously i am here because my son cannot see his father. this is a disaster for our family. i can't even touch my husband. it is a disaster. >>grant: she is referring to this day would order the kezar away from her husband. this is the video and she made after getting a bruise. after three hours of questioning, the attorney
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for ross mirkirimi had his chance. it was during that testimony of lopez said she absolutely regrets ever making this video about the bruise on her arm and she said when she cries in this video is not from fear of him is fear of losing her job in a custody fight. the questioning could go on for another hour. he eventually the ethics committee will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors is the share should keep his job or not. the ultimate decision lies with the san francisco board of supervisors. nine of 11 have the votes to get rid of the sheriff in order for him to lose his job. >>catherine: it is the largest child porn sweep ever in northern california. the task force of law enforcement officers face than the entire day issuing warrants. grant lodes begins our coverage of opry's in a
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chicken hot -- chicken hawk. >>grant: authorities targeted 20 suspect's the only release the names and addresses of 11 so far. here is where those 11 lives. nine of them are in san jose. the other two are in santa clara. fees the suspect's range in ages from 18-64. three of them work in the computer industry, another in a realistic. rob fladeboe was with police whenever taking the suspect's off of the street. >> more than 130 police officers fanned out across the south bay armed with 20 search warrants. this man was taken into custody without incident on his home, he was among the first to be arrested. police say they have evidence they he is dealing in illegal online child pornography. >> cases like these are often started to decoy operations. people think they're trading from peer to peer but
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they're actually treated with an undercover federal agent or local please officers. >> the second arrest occurred here saw as this are a complex in south san jose. the suspect could be seen crawling into its police paddy wagon where he later tried to hide from the camera. these are computer hard drives and other evidence taken from his apartment. >> the officers can search just about anywhere in the house for anything in that would lead them to believe that there is an electronic todd pornography being stored on a device. offs >> the arrests continue here in santa clara where another search warrant resulted in the rest of this man. officers could be seen looking at suspected child pornography images on a computer seized during a raid. >> they take the hard drive, they can actually go through the hard drive right there on the spot. if we find child pornography that person will definitely go to jail. >> they will be going through all those hard drives which could lead to
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more arrests. the suspect's face a range of still to be determined felony charges for possession in or on my distribution south of the legal child pornography. foss >> san jose police released the photos of these the nine suspects that were arrested thursday morning during operation chicken hawk. the first suspect is a 30 year-old computer engineer. he was arrested at his home. next is this 53 year-old who was arrested at his apartment. neighbors say he is a retired plumber and often made crude jokes around others in the complex. next, a 22 year old and arrested and booked for felony possession of child pornography. a 29 year-old was also arrested. a 31 year old was taken in from his home in santa clara.
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this 27 year-old is a sophomore engineer and was arrested in san jose. this 65 year-old was taken in in santa clara. this 46 year old was and i t tech who was arrested at his residence on more levity. this 36 roll is a software engineer and was taken in at his home on the wood and metal core. and more photos are on the way. >>catherine: a stabbing suspect was shot and killed by san francisco police and has now been identified. this is video from outside of the chocolate factory on the embarcadero. this is where the man allegedly slashed a co- worker with the box cover yesterday. police say he then ran towards the financial district and lunged at an officer in was shot. police are holding a town hall meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the case. if san leandro police are
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looking for this man. they say the attack a man with a baseball bat on wednesday morning. the victim was a co-worker at the san leandro business. police say he was attacked and that left him with a cracked skull and other injuries. >> they had a disagreement that escalated beyond just an argument. one of the employees on consult with the bat and struck the other employee multiple times. once he fell to the ground he commenced digging in with steel toed boots. he was driven to the hospital by other people who witnessed the incident. >> he could be charged with attempted murder. two men are wanted for a series of burglaries in the tilden regional park. police say they break into cars and steal credit cards and then purchase expensive electronics.
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>> as she and her husband spend money on a luxury cars, jewelry, liposuction if to a total of $718,000. the two were caught by a suspicious vacantly and arrested. you're looking at some of the things they have purchased. the victim has since died. >> a temperatures for logger this afternoon as expected. only a couple of degrees warmer in most locations. it was in the '80s up in napa.
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here is a live look outside from the san mateo bridge. even see the cloud cover starting to roll back in. fog over night. >>catherine: how does the concept of getting tax on every mile you drive sound? that idea is being voted on tonight. members of the metropolitan transportation commission in the association of bay area governments is scheduled to vote on a long-range study of that looks at the merits of a tax based on how many miles you drive with the nine county region. the idea is still in the early stages it would require drivers to install a special a daughter and then pay a penny to a dime for every mile driven. the idea is to raise money for roads and public transit they admit it will be a hard sale with drivers. coming up, more discoveries
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of west nile virus. one county it's all been trying to get rid of mosquitos that could be carrying the virus and a sharp warning to tell you about, we're a shark was spotted today. >>gabe: over 300 million pictures a day are uploaded to facebook. many of us like getting an e-mail from these folks saying that your name has been attacked in a photo of letter to facebook. cyber criminals are taking advantage of that. coming up in my tech report i will tell you how to protect yourself.
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woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>catherine: to bird had been found infected with west norovirus. n owl and a crow. there have been no human infections reported this year for the cruise will be
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checking the area for mosquito breeding sources. in contra costa county there will soon be fighting for mosquitoes. charles clifford is there fear and joins us live. star >>charles: they're getting ready to do this, and about a half an hour or so. right now i am and brown was. this is standing water, prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. starting tonight at the 30 p.m. sector control how pesticides of the trucks rolling to the neighborhoods and fields. the district says this is necessary because of the recent detection of west nile and they have observed a large number of mosquitoes in the area. they are hoping that by getting mosquito numbers under control the can keep the virus from spreading. here is a look at a map of the area. right now i'm standing where the red star is in the upper right hand corner. between 8:30 p.m. at 11:00 p.m. they will be foggy on
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the eastern side of the city of brentwood south of greek parkway. the trucks will be using a pesticide called virucide. they say it is epa approved and will be administered by a trained technicians. three-quarters of an ounce per acre. >>catherine: to >>jaqueline: the fog is already moving back in. fog cover is starting to move in. we will be seen fog into tomorrow morning once again. sunshine into the afternoon and smart -- slightly warmer conditions for tomorrow afternoon. the wins out of the north will start to pick up. saturday and sunday will be mostly sunny to the bay area and the coast. temperatures will be warming back into the 90s in our inland valleys. as for fog to our hornets
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south of the golden gate and fall along the north bay coastline. it is their right now and will not go anywhere. we will start to see clearing to the leader morning hours in early afternoon, even along the coastline. temperatures will be slightly warmer to our with more 80 degree readings. 70's for the east bay stores. 60s along the coastline. here is a look a your extended forecast. the fog is expected for tomorrow morning, not much for the weekend. otherwise it will be sunny and warmer temperatures back into the '90s. the fog returns early next week. that means cooler
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conditions. >>catherine: be careful about opening e-mail's the claim you have been tagged a facebook photo. fee could actually be now we're hearing gabe slate tells you how to protect yourself. >>gabe: over 300 million pictures a day are uploaded to facebook. if any of those have you in them, you want to know. it is human nature to want to know when you have been tagged in a photo on facebook. we all like getting that enol from facebook saying you have been attacked, just be careful. that curiosity could backfire. for many of us it is common to receive an e-mail from facebook wedding in of esteban tag do that soda. then, there is a link that will take you directly to the postings. security experts have discovered a spam e-mail campaign that is stricken people in did affecting their computers periods the spam e-mail's look like the real ones from facebook. if you click on the link inside one of those span e-
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mail to could affect to compete with our. if you think you have received one of these the modification check for red flags like misspellings or grammatical errors. have your mouth of a link to verify that it is taking it to the genuine facebook site. >>catherine: for the first time ever service members will be allowed to march in uniform and a gay pride parade. that is happening in this weekend. the pentagon says it is making an exception to the policy banning troops from marching in uniform in parades' unless they get prior approval. the exception is only for this year's event in san diego.
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>> it is no secret that to insulate has backed christian values. for years people have criticized to insulate for opposing groups have criticized the mayor is curious definitive language was used to a mechanical and radio show. comments have sparked a social media of or in at the tweets in facebook posts are rolling in. most are against the fast-
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food chain but some are offering a support. a fair amount are just hungry. interestingly enough there is just as much outrage on the other side of the aisle. many companies have gotten into hot water for publicly supporting the marriage. j.c. penney was in hot water for choosing ellen to generous as their spokesperson getting attention on both sides of the issue. in the and it did not affect sales. typically says they will continue to treat everyone with respect and leave that debate to the government. >>gary: coming up later in this broadcast the giants have a tough morning in atlanta. we have the oakland a's and the yankees on a dog night. that is coming up later in the broadcast.
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>> there is a great white shark alert near santa cruz. the shark was spotted great here near the santa cruz. . the sheriff's office has said the great white was spotted off of the coast near and toss. it was spotted only about 20 ft. from the shoreline. we're talking somewhere right in here. kron4 has an aerial sector of the sharks ticket this afternoon right after it was spotted. officials say it is not aggressive but it is a 14 ft. great white. there are signs in the area advising people not to swim or served. earlier this month a shark attacked a kayak near pleasure point just a couple of miles northwest of for this great white was spotted. says says for back on
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>>catherine: at video of an alleged burglar caught on tape. we have details and we will tell you where the trend is taking place. >> authorities are eager to start digging for a possible mass graves containing as many as 14 bodies. they are facing an obstacle. >> it is that time of the week. we will take you to a new restaurant in the san francisco financial district serving of the italian dishes.
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>> >> believe -- belmont police have released this video, surveillance tape of a man robbed house. he has a dufflebag that he put on the ground. it's he also has a suitcase that he wheeled up there. police think the bags are field with jewelry and small electronic equipment. they're hoping someone will recognize the man or the vehicle. it is described as a two- door mercedes either blue or green with extra large chrome rims. police say the problems are widespread. there are investigating three break-ins into attempted burglaries in belmont over the past three weeks. >> there are several individuals or small groups.
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the one common thing is the time frame. faugh it is of between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, while people are only at work or running errands. they generally come to the front door to see if someone is home and no one answers when they knocked the ball around to the back to gain entry to the house. >> belmont is working to establish a data base of homes that have security cameras already installed so they can ask neighbors for video >>catherine: we are learning about a possible new location of human remains in the speed freak killer case. wesley shermantine will be escorted to possible grave sites. shermantine and herzog were convicted of several murders in the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide after getting released from prison. shermantine is on death row. the governor has authorized his release it just long enough for him to be but how
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the authorities to five locations of more of the three sides. terisa estacio is in lake county will look at a new location there. >> this is the taliban recreation area. it is extremely large and full of rugged terrain. >> it is really scary. since nothing has ever happened like that year. >> would be easy to hide something down there? >> definitely. there are a lot of trees. definitely yes. you could very something or throw it in the bushes.
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>> would you be surprised if they discovered a mass grave there? >> i would not be surprised. a lot goes on down there. a lot of people did not find out about it so i would not be surprised. >>catherine: a death investigation is underway in sonoma county after a body was found. authorities received a report this afternoon about a gun shot, that is where they found the body. there are not releasing any details. in the east bay bart police are investigating the body of a woman found near the dublin and pleasanton station. the body was in the bushes near a parking garage. investigators from seen for several hours and took pictures. witnesses have not released any details saying only did this was an unattended death. the parents of a high-school student shot and killed by a police are demanding more information.
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allan blue for was shot and killed in may after officers say they pointed a gun at him. today the family asked for the coroner's report. >> it is pretty amazing, your son is murdered by the oakland police, the local police among other things live by his being taken to hospital after being shot. he was brought directly to the coroner's office, not at the request of the family but at the request of the police department and this is where he has been. now, the coroner's office wants the family to pay $321 in order to get the report police. i am not quite sure what the next chapter will be. thoughtful >> as a community we have to continue to ask ourselves do we get responses from the police in these situations or do we have to ask for people to engage in the kind of conduct that shows a
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tremendous rage? the coroner's office is saying that has complied with the family's request and is releasing the report in question. costs in martinez, a not guilty plea for a man accused of stabbing a 16 year-old girl in pleasant hill. his attorney entered that the today. the teenage girl has since recovered from injuries. some >> in shooting in san francisco left a 19 year-old man in critical injury. the man from south san francisco has been sentenced to rehab after police say he tried to trade $10,000 worth of stolen fresh fish for $4 of crack cocaine.
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>>jaqueline: here is a live look outside for the santa tail bridge. away from the coastline is still fairly mild. here is what you can expect now into tomorrow. fog over night with coastal and bay fog expected. temperatures will warm tomorrow and the warming trend will could easily get. >>catherine: cruz art improving is any tracks, commuters will be transferred to shuttle buses and after this weekend the work will still not be
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completed. there will lead to more weekends of real closest. details are scheduled for next month if found honda is the falloff small lcds in cars. the problem is the doors may not be closing properly. this is affecting the 2012 sierra the suvs and the 2013 accura via alex. there are situations where the inner door latch may not work properly. no crashes or injuries have been reported. voters will begin getting letters starting next month. a bigger problem for ford, they're telling buyers of the 2013 escape suvs not to drive them. it is because the engines can catch fire. more than 11,000 vehicles in the u.s. and canada are affected. the recall affects about 4800 defective models built from early april to july 11th of this year. ford is taking the unusual step of picking up those as
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tv's in the leading older cars the customers. the company says it has three reports of fires and no one was injured. >>gary: coming out, now that bicyclist have my undivided attention is important that we go over the rules of engagement. wow,
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>>vicki: per diem is latin for per day. >> that resonates with a lot of the financial district people. it is your daily allowance for food and drinks. we have quit fired dishes, you can come in for a quick lunch. >> it is a cozy spot.
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there is a 49ers gold rush theme. >> it has a club, comfortable feeling. are you afraid you can't get rid of people? >> they might blow off an afternoon meeting. it is a very comfortable vibe. babel what are you cooking? no one walks out of here hundred. >> absolutely not. we make everything in-house. we incorporate fine, seasonal couple local foods. we made some kron4 with a response. that does is needed some acre management there be? >> we are going to go with a little something we came up with, the bubble theory.
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>>vicki: my top picks, the increase sauce, the pink ruffles the reef. to find out more about the per diem visit us on >> the giants go for this week in atlanta while the oakland a's stayed out against the yankees. gary takes you behind the scenes and on the field at the coliseum for dog days.
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>>stanley: bicyclist love me and it shows. apparently, many think i am number one. he got one of those $380 bicycle tickets a few days
8:45 pm
ago. this one uses very bad language. yet, another #one voter approval. it was not just the bicyclist. a web site named to the uptown almanac public in article calling me anti bicycle. some twitter comments said i picked on a bicyclist. wide-eyed kid on automobile drivers. is this the fifth grade? congratulations bicyclist, you just will be sleeping there. in case you forgot to read the drivers manual, you have to follow the rules of the road as everyone else is required to. dual your buds are illegal. and of discussion. the same goes for dual headphones. you need to hear what is the one on around you. it is a safety issue. some of you received a $380
8:46 pm
ticket for running stop signs. >> i can think of more complaining about that a bicycle riding a stop sign. >> that would normally make the average person take note. apparently this does not apply for some people. up and down i watched bicyclist runs all sides. the funny part is some people actually signaled before committing the violation, as if that makes it ok. it does not. some bicyclist want the best of both worlds. they want to be treated like pedestrians for respected like cars. you cannot have it all ways. all i often say is game on. welcome to the world of people behaving badly. >>catherine: we have more about the widow, is the 1 mi. bicycle ride in san francisco. it goes from market street to the and ends at the golden gate park had handle.
8:47 pm
bicyclist its use it because it avoids the city's steepest hills. if you have a comment or story editor for stanley, e- mail us. >>jaqueline: temperatures were warmer today as expected, but only a couple of degrees warmer in most locations. upper 70's and the low 80s, temperatures are in the '70s nearly everywhere else with the exception of the coastline. here is a live look outside from our roof camera. we do have fog approaching. we will see it out there tomorrow morning. into the afternoon, sunny skies even warmer temperatures that what we saw today.
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the 9:00 hour does not show much clearing but we will start to see clear skies as we head into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer, back into the '80s in a number of south bay locations. eighties in our inland valleys. 70's for our east the shores. here is a look a your extended forecast. foggy tomorrow morning into the wind out of the north are expected to pick up to saturday morning. the fog is expected to return into next week and that means cooler temperatures. >>gary: the giants are looking this week in atlanta. mill creek of rare, the all- star game mvp has had a most
8:49 pm
enjoyable return to one of his former homes. we will show you him in his hand gesture in a moment. conner has in was pretty good. david roth, there it is! that is the one that the braves up. they won a three-two. we will show you the before mentioned cabrera. he has traveled. the other night he gave a hand gesture to fans. >>gary: is my producer
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>>gary: the giants into the phillies tomorrow. the oakland a's in the sixth inning are leading the yankees' 4-0. daniel villareal came out and shot the dogs. this was the annual dog date. a portion of the proceeds go to dogs for diabetes.
8:51 pm
>>catherine: that is pretty cute. >>gary: tiger woods she's 67 and tying for sixth place. he is a three-time champion of this event. he is well within contention. still nicholson is having a rough year. everyone likes phil mickelson for endorsements that he is struggling. here is your leader, adam scott. for tiger woods is the guy that everyone is interested in.
8:52 pm
some of these guys off the bench are terrific. >>gary: jeremy lin has a three-year $25 million deal. angela is officially in indianapolis colts. for years and $22 billion. had he come out last year he would have made between 50,000,006 civilians. when we return, a very popular of the kron family
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is leading. she is going over to channel two. this is the last appearance for lindsay when an
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>>gary: she is a popular member of the staff. many people come and go, lindsey is going over to channel two. the >>gary: of all the reporters, who was your favorite? >> that cut the staff tonight takes the cake, dan kerman is one of my favorites.
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